Shovel Gun

A shovel with a built-in double barrel shotgun

weapon (ranged)

The gun/shovel carried by Rufus Rankine. Essentially a shotgun with a shovel head as a bayonet.

  • Reliability: 19


  • Minor: Gun jams and can’t be fired until cleared with fair (5) Tinkerin’ roll
  • Major: If it fails in melee the shovel head comes loose and is thrown 1d6 yards in a random direction (use d12 for clock facing). If fired the hammer sticks in place and will not fire again until replaced with an onerous (9) Tinkerin’ roll; process takes at least 10 minutes
  • Catastrophic: In melee the handle/barrel snaps in half as it connects with the target destroying the shovel gun and only doing half damage as it connects. If fired the both rounds backfire on the user. +4 on hit location chart and is considered touching for damage.

Shovel Gun

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