The Good, The Bad, and the Weird

Just a little PDA

The Cast

  1. Beatrice Gregorson
  2. Jesus Godspeed
  3. Ryan Everlocke
  4. Rufus Rankine

The story so far……

Having found Mrs. Rankine in the capture of the Huà Lóng at one of their warehouses the posse begins making plans for returning to Boonville. Mr. Everlocke has stated his interest in returning with the steam wagon with the thought that Rufus can fix it up back at his newly inherited workshop. Being devout religious people Rufus, his wife, and Jesus find a local service while Beatrice and Ryan collect Beatrice’s horse to pull the broken down steam wagon back to Rankine Labs. Making only one short detour in town for Ryan to pick up a bounty poster for “One-Eye Willy.” Although the firefight with the Hua Long occurred within the city limits of Shan Fan neither the local Sheriff, Long Hair Tony, nor any of the triads were on scene when the posse returned to claim their prize.

Head on down the road

With Sunday church having extended into their morning, the group procures some camping gear from a local general store with the anticipation of having to camp along the road. In the mid-afternoon hours, they encounter the following scene:

“Looking to the sky on your ride back to Boonville you see some California condors circling in the sky, about 200 yards east of the road. You continue on the road thinking that it must just be some critter they found and (make a Cognition check TN 7) notice a bloody boot on the side of the road next to a trailhead that heads east.”

“You follow the trail through some underbrush for about 50 yards occasionally finding scraps of torn fabric snagged on the bushes before it opens into a large clearing. 150 yards ahead you behold a ghastly sight. What was once a camp lies in ruins; smoke from smoldering campfires wafts into the air as a pack of coyotes gnaw on the remains of the camps former occupants. Body parts and entrails are strewn about the camp like tissue paper on a Christmas morning. A condor swoops down from the sky to pluck the eyeball from the head of one man; his other eye is fixed to the heavens, seeking help from on high. Spots around the former camp are dark brown and muddy where blood has mixed with the resident dirt.”

Surveying the carnage, a weak whimper wafts from one of the overturned wagons. Everlocke unholsters his six-gun and begins creeping cautiously towards the sound. Having caught the sound as well, Beatrice works around to a flanking position opposite her hired gun, steadying her mechanical arm, poised for combat. Slowly the duo pulls back the blood-stained canvas, bodies taught, ready to snap into action.

The midday sun shone on a simpering creature that looked human, although it would have to be a child if it were so. The child-size creature clutched a blood-stained yarn-hair doll in its one free hand, the other trapped, much as the rest of it was, under a pioneer woman’s body. A matted rat’s nest of straw-colored hair stuck to its dirty face, tears welled in the wretched being’s eyes. Beatrice felt as though her chow may come back to visit. The creature was a human child, about five or six, she’d reckon.

Scooping up the girl Beatrice shouts for Ryan to move the body, nonchalantly he flicks his wrist as the woman’s body levitates away from the girl.

The Boys Are Back In Town

After cleaning up the girl from the massacre, the posse sets up camp a mile down the road to rest for the night. Jesus suggests setting up a shift of night watches as the blood may attract wolves, coyotes, or worse. The group of comrades rests throughout the evening, unmolested.

The party continued on its journey home, all the while discussing the young ward they brought in. Rufus, in a rare state of sobriety, agreed that he and his wife would adopt the child. Pawleene had been afflicted by the Devil with a barren womb, her punishment, she claimed, for having sinned with Rufus before marriage.

Cresting the hill outside town, the wagon hobbles along, pulled steadily by Falstaff. The powerful creature’s taut muscles strained with every step it took, the combined weight of the metal wagon and folk riding it slowed the beast.

Rufus steered the wagon listlessly along the Jenkins farm’s fence, slowing up to make the turn up the road to his new warehouse. Darting out from the shrubs a black tentacle lashes out at the wagon, snapping up, twirling and ensnaring Beatrice’s leg. The writhing muscle growing taut, yanking her from the wagon towards the fence. One after another, seven more jet black tendrils whip out from the underbrush, lashing out at the group.

The powerful tentacles catch Everlocke by surprise, ripping him from the wagon and into the eight-foot wide mouth of a Desert Thing. Leaping from the back of the wagon, shovel-gun in hand, Rufus swings down with the blade of his weapon, slashing a tentacle in half. The creature pulls Everlocke into its mouth, chomping down on his leg. Ryan’s screams are drowned out by the sounds of an approaching steam engine.

Struggling with all her might Beatrice breaks free of the tentacle, mere inches from becoming a chew toy herself. She looks towards the sound of the approaching engine, a man astride a steam velocipede barrels up the road towards the posse. Skidding to a halt five yards from the beast he reaches behind him, unslinging a multi-barrelled rifle. The man levels off his rifle, squeezing the trigger and unleashing a rainstorm of bullets into the beast’s mouth. Each round narrowly misses Everlocke, sinking into the creature’s flesh. It’s tentacles convulse violently one last time before going limp, loosening their grip on Everlocke.

The man on the velocipede introduces himself to the posse as the new sheriff of Boonville, Sheriff Winston. He informs the group that some cattle had recently gone missing from the Jenkins homestead, this must have been the beast responsible. During their discussion with the sheriff, it is also revealed that Old Man Wuthers had been arrested on suspicion of his involvement with the massacre along the road to Shan Fan.

Ms. Gregorson doesn’t buy the story; being familiar with Wuthers as a local of Boonville she knows that the old man is a kook, but harmless. She agrees to allow the Rankines to have her stead, Falstaff, pull the wagon to this shop while her and Everlocke head to the Sheriff’s office to question Wuthers.

The Fit Has Hit The Shan

The Cast

  1. Beatrice Gregorson
  2. Jesus Godspeed
  3. Ryan Everlocke
  4. Rufus Rankine

The story so far…..

After the events in the Ojos de Gato mine the posse settled in Boonville for a week picking up a few skills and going on with life as usual. Upon taking Toothless Pete’s old tent in Miner’s Row and earning himself a week’s wages Rufus is preparing to head back to the Palace Hotel to bring his wife, Pawleene to their new home in Boonville.

(A small-time Tong, The Huà Lóng, were harassing a courier in a saloon in the Red Lantern Town district of Shan Fan and exchanged words with him. After a heated debate, the men drew weapons and went at it like hungry coyotes. The courier got in his licks but caught a bad roundhouse that snapped his neck. The men of the Tong rifled through the man’s belongings, finding the Last Will and Testament of Thaddeus F. Rankine and the deed to Rankine Labs; complete with signature signing it over to Rufus Rankine. Figuring that the courier was looking for Rufus Rankine, the Tong began using its local resources to locate the man so they could hold the property for ransom. A sister of a Tong member currently working at the Palace Hotel let her sibling know that a Rufus Rankine was registered at the hotel.)

On the road again

Having only one day left on his wife’s hotel stay Rufus meets with his employer, Beatrice, at the CelesTEAl Gardens to discuss his leave of absence. In a rather crude fashion Ms. Gregorson scoffs, “I hope you don’t expect to get paid.” Feeling grateful for Rufus’ assistance with the strange creatures in the mine though she agrees to accompany him with her bounty hunter Mr. Everlocke. Leaving from Father Shen’s Jesus sees the old monster slaying team together and approaches, overhearing talk of a trip to Shan Fan.

Welcome to the hotel, California

The posse rides the lifting room to the top floor without incident along with the Chinese operator. Beatrice tips the man a quarter for his troubles when they reach the top floor of the posh hotel. Leading the group to the room Rufus takes point in the hallway and is the first to notice that the room’s door is ajar.

Upon entering the room registered to the Rankines the posse sees obvious signs of struggle. The main room has been tossed, every drawer from the desk in the room is on the ground, papers are scattered about, and the chair that is kept at it is busted to pieces. The lavish bedroom is a wreck, the art on the wall has been destroyed and lies in ruin on the ground. Characters making search rolls in the room begin to uncover the following clues.

  • TN 7: A butterfly knife with the characters 畫 龍 (translates to ‘Painted Dragon’) inlaid on the handle in gold filigree.
  • TN 11: A human finger under the bed, it appears to have been ripped off its previous owner. A foolproof Medicine check reveals that it was bit off.
  • The party can also track down any employee to try and overawe them and learn that the maid, Chin Daiyu, has a brother in The Huà Lóng. Using a Streetwise roll (TN 9) they can also learn that the Hua Long recently kidnaped a woman from the hotel to hold for ransom from her rich, land-owning husband.

Sittin’ at a bar

After finding a butterfly knife and book of matches with the name The Whiskey Trough written on the inside of it the posse decides to find this bar and ask a few questions. Deciding they would try their luck with Red Lantern Town first they head that way and find the first person on the street to ask for directions. Not wanting to wait for the man to speak Jesus stares him down and intimidates him into leading the group to the bar.

The man on the street leads our team down a side alley in this grimy part of town and to a canvas tent with a poorly painted sign reading “The Whiskey Trough” hanging above an open flap that serves as the doorway to the establishment. Behind the dirty bar the owner, Scooter greets his new customers and asks what he can do for them. Ever the gentleman Mr. Everlocke buys a round of shots for his traveling compatriots before he moves off to the corner to begin chatting with one of the working girls. Sitting at a table in the corner of the large tent four tattooed Chinese men slowly sip drinks, a quick glance around reveals that another two men with similar tattoos are also in the bar.

Jesus asks Scooter for a light for his stogie and is provided with a book of matches from behind the bar. Before handing the matches to his customer though Scooter flips it open and scrawls the name of his bar on the inside flap.

Rufus shows Scooter the butterfly knife they found back in the hotel room. With a panicked look on his face, Scooter quickly tosses a bar rag over the knife and slides it back over to Rufus. Leaning in he whispers “You need to go, now.”

One of the tattooed men at the table notices the commotion at the bar and moves over to Rufus. As Mr. Rankine turns around the tattooed man asks, “What’s that?” and motions toward the rag in his hand. Rufus shows the knife to the man who then attempts to punch him. Being no stranger to a Huà Lóng bar fight Scooter ducks under the bar.

  • If the party found the finger in the room they should make a Cognition check (TN 7) to notice a tattooed Chinese man at the bar with a bloody bandage on his hand covering the stub where his finger used to be.

(After following the clues from the Palace Hotel the party arrives at The Whiskey Trough. From speaking with Scooter or other patrons they are able to learn of a recent fight in the saloon that lead the death of a white man nobody had seen before at the hands of The Huà Lóng. After the brawl, the tong went through the man’s belongin’s taking his boots and an envelope from his jacket and then left the body to be dealt with accordingly.)

Those kicks were fast as lightin’

The posse engages in a fight with the members of the tong that were drinking at The Whiskey Trough. During the fight their leader, Chin Feng jumps on the bar and runs across it kicking Jesus in the face, breaking his nose. Beatrice catches a nasty spin kick to her ribs that almost knocks the wind out of her as another gang member gives Ryan Everlocke a close shave with his signature butterfly knife. In retaliation Everlocke pulls his flashy pistol and begins slappin’ iron, winging the man that had kicked his employer in the gut. The man yowls in pain as he collapses on the ground.

After the posse began using deadly force with the tong they switch to dealing lethal damage with their advanced martial arts training. Chin Feng calls on his evil powers to harden his skin causing it to become as hard as a crab shell offering him some protection. Upon witnessing this act Ms. Gergorson draws her pistol and opens fire at him where he stands on the bar top. With lighting quick reflexes Feng snatches the bullet before it connects with him. The rest of the party opens fire on him and he catches all but one bullet fired from Jesus which goes through his hand. Rufus then levels off his signature shovel gun and lets loose both barrels into Feng’s chest.

As his men drop around him Feng makes one last kick at Jesus before fleeing the bar tent with a chestful of buckshot. Jesus chases after him shooting and missing, hitting an innocent bystander in the next tent over. As Feng pulls further away Ryan begins taking chase as well although he is warded off when the tattooed vipers on Feng’s forearms leap to life and snap at him. Jesus stops to begin calling on God’s favor to heal the gunshot wound he accidentally inflicted on the innocent wretch while Feng makes his getaway. As this action unfolds Rufus disembowels one of the remaining Tong members with the head of shovel gun as Beatrice moves towards the front door of the tent seeing a lynch mob coming down the street.

Sunday bloody Sunday

After the firefight the posse takes one of the still living tong members prisoner; the ever-intimidating Jesus “convinces” the man to give up Chin Feng’s hideout. Fearing for his life at the hands of Jesus the man divulges the whereabouts of a warehouse in The Skids where Pawleene is being held captive for ransom.

At the warehouse, the posse engages in a firefight with Feng and his men who have Pawleen hostage in the upper floor. As the tide turns against the Tong two members speed out of the warehouse in a steam wagon, one driving, the other manning the swivel-mounted gatling gun in the bed. As the wagon races passed them Rufus shoves Feng into its path, causing the driver to momentarily lose control.

In the confusion, Rufus drives his shovelhead into Feng’s chest, rending his body in twain. Steadying her hand Beatrice takes aim at the wagon’s driver, squeezing off a shot into his upper shoulder. The force of the blow stuns him and he slumps over the wheel, turning it to careen towards a wall. Unable to recover in time the wagon collides with the wooden wall, throwing both driver and gunner into the wooden shards of the building, impaling them both.

Bad News in Boonville

The Cast

  1. Beatrice Gregorson
  2. Jesus Godspeed
  3. Ryan Everlocke
  4. Rufus Rankine

The story so far….

  • Rufus Rankine is headed to an upstart Maze town by the name of Boonville looking for work as a miner. His wife, generally a pain in his side, has spent some of their meager savings on lodgings in Shan Fan nearby till Rufus can call for her.
  • Beatrice Gregorson is the lone survivor of the Gregorson mining family still living and operating in Boonville. She runs the family mine although her true drive is to find her father and fiance’s killer
  • Ryan Everlocke currently resides in Boonville hiring his skills out as a bounty hunter for Beatrice Gregorson.
  • Jesus Godspeed, a lone Hispanic wanderer, journeys to Boonville from Gamorra. Hearing rumors of strange creatures and monsters in a local mine he leapt at the chance to destroy the forces of darkness. Armed with his faith in God, Guardian Angel, and six guns he blows into town….

A chance encounter…..

  • Rufus comes to town on a buck board with others looking for work. Accommodating his wife’s tastes he spent the last of his money paying for an upscale hotel in Shan Fan for her to stay at.
  • On their way down to Sally’s Beatrice and Ryan encounter the new crew. Beatrice stops to hire a new worker to search for Toothless Pete in the [[Ojos de Gato | Ojos de Gato] They hire Rufus as Jesus enters the scene from the north.
  • Jesus engages in some minor conversation with Beatrice and then leaves for the local bar. Following closely behind him the rest of the posse heads to Sally’s down in Miner’s Row for a quick drink and to discuss business.
  • At Sally’s Beatrice orders a bottle of cheap whiskey for her employees and goes to a local table. While informing Rufus of the potential dangers a local miner drunkenly proclaims that it’s a fool’s errand and that there’s monsters down there that killed Toothless Pete. Overhearing the word “monsters” Jesus invites himself to the table to offer his services as a monster hunter. Being the impulsive cuss that he is Jesus begins to head toward the mine, prompting the rest of the party to follow closely behind him.

I will follow you in to the dark…..

  • As they approach the entrance of the mine a haze comes over the bay causing the sunlight to dim and the mine entrance to appear more foreboding. Realizing that they had left Miner’s Row without a lantern between them the party spends a few minutes searching the foreman’s tent for some. Each posse member finds a lantern and they begin their trek into the bowels of the mine. As the brave posse forges further into the darkness of the empty mine the distant sounds of metal hitting rock can be heard deep within it’s heart.
  • Being the headstrong type Jesus leads the group into the mine after studying a surveyor map at the entrance. Getting lost within the mine he leads the party in circles for 2 hours before they come up to a dead end in the mine. Beatrice, the owner of the mine, takes over from this point and does not lose her sense of direction leading the posse to the deepest parts of the mine.
  • Leading the party to the depths of the mine in search of Toothless Pete Beatrice sets foot in a puddle of water. Holding her lantern up in front of her the party can now see that the upcoming series of tunnels in the mine have been flooded; the water appears to get deeper the further they go.

A soggy bottom boy….

The steadfast posse wades through the flooded section of the mine coming across a caved-in section. The large wooden beams normally supporting this section of the mine have snapped at the corner allowing the ceiling of the mine to collapse. Holding their lanterns up to peer further ahead all but Jesus notice a pair of human legs bobbing up and down in the water. As Rufus and Ryan make their way toward the body they realize that a piece of the beam landed on it’s torso, pinning it under the water. Getting closer our intrepid heroes recognize Toothless Pete’s clothes on the body; either the beam killed him or he was trapped and drowned when the chamber flooded.

As Rufus and Ryan lift the beam pinning Pete’s body under the pool of salt water the bloated corpse flails, bolting upright and clawing at him/her. (Cognition checks for surprise; don’t forget the Guts check too!) As the waterlogged corpse rises from the pool a small crab bursts through it’s engorged cheek in an explosion of flesh and putrid blood, exposing Pete’s toothless gums. The sudden spurt of thick, blackened blood causes the loose skin of the creature’s cheek to separate at the cheekbone and slither down it’s bulbous neck.

In the ensuing fight Ryan is injured before the corpse of Pete is put back down. Using his knowledge of the occult he shouts, “Aim for the head!” as he squeezes off a round, narrowly missing the abomination. Over the next few seconds each posse member fires off rounds aimed at the creature’s head occasionally striking and eventually blowing it’s jaw off. After running out of ammo in his trusty double-action Peacemaker Jesus attempts to quick draw his single-action Peacemaker, failing miserably and lobbing the fully-loaded pistol at Pete’s chest. With all of his strength Rufus swings his trusty shovel gun, connecting with Pete’s head and popping it like a cherry tomato.

Tommyknocking on Heaven’s Door

images.jpg Upon turning back to head out of the mine they hear strange noises, the clattering of tools up ahead. Moving further they begin hearing scratching behind them (Cognition vs. Sneak) and the sound of soft fleshy pads thumping lightly on the mine tracks. Suddenly the rock walls around them begin to crumble as a pair of three-foot tall creatures emerge. Standing hunched over as they drag their clawed three-fingered hands behind them. Their revolting, naked, little, grayish bodies barely support the enormous head atop their hunched shoulders. (Guts Check: 7).

As the monsters emerge from the cavern walls Rufus clams up in terror, unable to react to the horrible situation around him. Seeing an opportunity the two beasts attack him however, he is able to fend off their assault. With a quick jerk Beatrice lifts up her trusty walking cane and a rifle round erupts from it’s end, blowing the leg off one of the creature’s attacking Rufus. Hearing noises behind him Jesus whirls around as another one of the creature’s emerges from the floor of the mine and unloads into the beast decimating it. With lighting speed Jesus whirls back around emptying his guns into the two remaining creatures that are assaulting Rufus.


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