Fear Level 2

Ghost Rock Prospecting

Boonville is a small town located between the booming port city of Shan Fan and the prosperous boomtown of Gamorra; home to the famed Collegium of Interspacial Physics (Check out “The Collegium” for more pardner). It rests on the ledge of one of the Great Maze’s famed islands and is quickly becoming a prime stop for coastal travelers moving between Shan Fan and Gamorra. A handful of Ghost Rock strikes in the past few years have turned it to something of a boomtown in it’s right.

One such strike was that of Jack Gregorson, a man that had once made his fortunes in a gold claim back before the quake. Much like thousands of other families tragedy struck the Gregorson’s when the earth rattled that muggy July afternoon. Loosing both his wife and son in the quake; the former in death, the latter to idealism; he moved with his daughter, Beatrice from the ruins of what was once Oakland. When the wailing rock was discovered Gregorson was one of the first men to devote his resources to it’s procurement.

Gregorson Family Tragedy

A blessing had come to the Gregorsons when Jack’s own daughter Beatrice met the love of her life, a young mechanic from Gamorra, Lucas. The two spent a great deal of time together and made plans to move back east to start a new life. While on the Denver-Pacific line in Nevada bandits attacked the locomotive pulling it, The Mercury, causing the train to derail. Forty-three people died when “Mercury jumped the line.” Lady luck was there that day, sparing the lives of both Beatrice and her beau although she took the young lady’s arm and crippled her leg. The two returned to Gamorra where Lucas used the skills he learned from Dr. Perriwinkle to fashion up a metal arm for his his bride to be.

After the young woman healed from her surgery the couple returned to Boonville to be married on the cliffs. Before the two were to be wed though Jack Gregorson was attacked by an unknown person; the rumors around Sally’s are that it another mining family, In the attack both Jack and his daughter’s fiance were murdered, leaving Beatrice the sole heiress to the family mining holds.

Local Mines

Ojos de Gato

One of the mining claims that Jake Gregorson bequeathed to his daughter Beatrice.

Tung Strip

Not actually a mine in the traditional sense this vein along the walls of a neighboring island has proved very profitable for the Tung family.

Satan’s Arse

A “claim” held by local kook Old Man Wuthers. It’s actually a big hole in the ground outside town that he claims gets “hotter than the arsehole o’ Satan hisself!” The most anyone has seen him claim from the hole is the flecks in his beard.

Local Hangouts


Located at the mouth of Miner’s Row Sally’s is a popular place for many of the local miners to relax, have a whisky & a woman, and hear the local town gossip. Sally is a tough gal and that runs a strong business; you don’t see many saloons in pop-up towns with wooden walls after all!

Zen Dragon

What would any mining maze town be without it’s very own opium den? Run by one of the triad families down in Shan Fan this tent is a popular place for those looking to chase the dragon. Expect to find the most frightened and weakest man or woman in town here, escaping from the horrors they’ve seen.

Chang’s Thangs

The proprietor of this general store Mr. Chang is an esoteric fellow. Hanging proudly in the window of his shop is a sign that reads OWNED AND OPERATED SINCE THE CHANG FAMILY INVENTED GHOST ROCK WITH JESUS! On every Sunday you’ll find the Chinese born Herbbie Chang in mass over at Father Shen’s “First Chinese Baptist Revival” tent down in miner’s row.

First Chinese Baptist Revival

A modest tent located within the heart of Miner’s Row housing not but a handful of benches and one meager podium. You can almost always find Father Shen somewhere close by; excepting the evening hours he spends at Sally’s looking for new converts. He’s always figured that if you can find a demon in a bottle you can find Jesus waiting outside. Sunday masses are held every Sunday at 10 AM, late entries fully allowed.

CelesTEAial Gardens

Situated in the town center across from the local Sheriff’s office this posh establishment is frequented by the “upper class” of Boonville (mostly just the mining operation families and some of the local Chinese miners). This classy business was founded by a tinhorn from England that goes by the name of Sir Reginald. The ceiling of the general seating area is painted black with flecks of iridescent stars dotting it. The paint old Reggie used is actually an elixir he bought off a drop out from the Collegium that was headed back down south. It’s alchemical properties allow it to glow at night creating an effect of dining under the stars in the evening. Most of the local mining population views it’s patrons as high falutin’ dandies even though Sir Reginald would gladly serve any of them a cup if they had the nickel to spare. If you can’t find Sir Reggie in this place it’s most likely still open with his serving girl Deidre running the shop.

Esther Wilkinson’s House

The home of Esther Wilkinson serves as the local schoolhouse for the children of Boonville.

Sheriff’s Office

The name says it all don’t it? Most folk don’t care to end up as a guest at this place.



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