Great Maze

Fear Level 2 (3 if Santa Ana has recently razed a village in the south)


The California territory is often called the Great Maze because of the maze of channels that run between the multitude of islands left when the Great Quake occurred back in 1863. As a disputed territory neither the North nor the South can lay claim to this region of the country. As the primary source of the precious material Ghost Rock though both sides keep small battalions of soldiers scattered throughout the state. General Santa Ana and his “Army of the Dead” are said to raid the more southern regions of this contested territory.

Northern Forces

Being that this region represents such a strong tactical advantage in the war President Grant makes sure to have his blue bellies’ presence known. Due to costs of the war back East the Union is as undermanned as the Johnny Rebs in the region. The Navy, based in Ft. Lincoln north of Gamorra, is forced to hire bands of raiders to fill out their ranks. They treat the hired guns as military regulars, keeping them accountable for their actions. They often use small open boats with steam-driven propellers in their midnight raids on Confederate boats. As with most things rumors spread and most folk have a strong feeling that Grant has also requested that Alan Pinkerton use his Pinkerton Detective Agency to spy on the territory.

Southern Forces

Not to be outdone by Grant and his “War of Northern Aggression” President Robert E. Lee keeps a small contingent of men this region as well; mostly to protect the CSA’s Ghost Rock shipments. Being outnumbered with no real navy in the region to speak of Southern forces are often forced to hire gangs of ruthless Maze Pirates as temporary soldiers. These bloodthirsty men and women are better equipped than the Union raiders and use armored Maze Runners in their raids.

Mexican Armies

Since the territory was sold out from under them Santa Ana and his armies have been known to raid smaller towns in the southern parts of the states. The Mexican flotilla still patrols the coastal waters of the Maze but, the government’s lack of financial resources prevents them purchasing Maze Runners to navigate the oft-treacherous channels in the Maze.




Great Maze

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