Shan Fan

DISCLAIMER: The Great Maze is the only original box set that the Marshall of this game does not own so he doesn’t have access to all the nitty gritty of the various cities in the Maze. Any information in this article is most likely not what you can find in that set and has been made up for the purposes of this adventure.

Fear Level 2

Shan Fan Phooney

Shan Fan is a dangerous and beautiful town. When Chinese warlords from mainland China immigrated to the Maze, bringing their own warriors with them, they built fortresses atop the islands in the maze for their benefit. Due to their poor treatment by the locals the Chinese population of the Maze flocked to these warlords looking for a new way. The triads saw this as an opportunity and joined up to build the city of Shan Fan, marketing it as a safe haven for all Chinese immigrants. Nobody is actually altruistic in the Weird West though, the city soon became a gang-infested bucket o’ sin and death.

Never being able to stand each other for long the triads were soon involved in their old gang wars. It is not uncommon to see a knock-down kung-fu brawl in the streets of this city. Seeing opportunity in tourism the triads have negotiated a cease-fire in the classier Waterfront district. Tensions are always high though and the peace could easily be broken at any time.


This section of town serves as the first impression for many of the waterborne travelers visiting Shan Fan. As such the triads maintain a tense peace in the district. Many shops, restaurants, and hotels pepper the streets of this area offering their legitimate services to all. Of course, all of them are owned by triads and the smaller tongs of the city and most serve as fronts for more nefarious deeds.

Red Lantern Town

The seedy underbelly of Shan Fan, and that’s saying A LOT! This section of town is home to the seediest of bars and saloons and most of them are owed by the local triads and tongs. This place is a haven for any randy character; throw a nickel and you’ll find yourself a gal willing to do almost any depraved thing to keep it. Any sideways glance at this district would give Carrie Nation fits of rage; it’s oft joked that she’d have a field day trying to destroy all the saloons in this area.

Saloons of Note

The Whiskey Trough




Shan Fan

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