Welcome to the Weird West pardner!

As you may know, 13 years back the Earth shook something fierce out in California territory and a good chunk of land shook loose, sinking down into the deep blue of the Pacific. Thousands died in the quake, families were destroyed, lives were ruined but in the face of all this tragedy a discovery was made; the maze of small islands that peppered the territory in the wake were rich with veins of a new material, Ghost Rock.

This new rock was first thought to be a new form of coal by the prospectors staking new claims and attempting to rebuild due to it’s appearance. The first sodbuster that burned this new ore in his boiler was in for a frightful shock when it wailed in agony before the boiler burst. As it turned out, Ghost Rock burned a hundred times hotter and longer than coal but, was porous; when air escaped as it burned it made a sound like a poor critter with it’s leg caught in a bear trap. A wave of new scientists and prospectors, obsessed with the possibilities this ore could bring to the world, packed up their lives and headed out west; to the Great Maze.

The quake wasn’t the only strange thing that happened that fateful day; July 3rd, 1863. The Battle of Gettysburg was reaching a climax when, as the reports go, the dead littering the field rose and started using their old pals as a hunk o’ chaw! Of course, there weren’t a person that could actually confirm the events the day after but, each side still retreated to their own sides to continue the bloody and horrific Civil War the nation had found itself in.


The Good, The Bad, and the Weird

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