Demetrius Gregorson

Beatrice's brother!


The estranged brother of Beatrice Gregorson. After their falling out due to opposing views on the conflict between the North and the South and death of their mother Demetrius left northern California and headed south. On his travels he took up with a band of Maze Pirates and quickly rose through their ranks to eventually captain his own vessel.

During his time as a pirate he skirmished with the Mexican navy frequently and began to foster some racist views towards the nationality. When the Confederation forces arrived in the Maze and began to conscript pirates to procure Ghost Rock for them he jumped at the chance to finally throw his hat in with what he viewed as his Confederate brothers. He spent many years as one of the most vicious and cruel Confederate Maze Rats you’d ever met; often coming in to conflict with his “superior officers” for his brutal tactics.

Demetrius Gregorson

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