One-Eye Willy

Sneak thief


A Chinese-born immigrant of average height and weight. He is quite fond of sporting of a bowling derby atop his oval-shaped head, mostly to hide the tussled rat’s nest he calls his hair.


Growing up as an orphan in his homeland of China, “Willy” learned at a young age how to pick a pocket and not long after that how to pick a lock. He showed great skill at sneaking into any building and absconding off with it’s contents while never being seen in the process. News spread throughout the underground of the child’s skill at burglary, catching the attention of Rat-Skinner Hou; at the time, a lieutenant in one of the local Tongs.

After having Willy prove his skills by breaking into a rival’s home to steal their doctored opium delivery Hou brought him in as a full member of his Tong. Proving himself to be invaluable as a thief Willy earned a spot as one of Hou’s first imports to America. The white people of Shan Fan grew to know him as a well practiced thief and escape artist, eventually dubbing him “One Eye” because you have to keep one eye on him at all times.

Since immigrating to the Maze, Willy has picked up a decent amount of English, enough to get him by anyway. His skills as a thief have increased as well, having learned of Hoyle’s great game from a shyster.

One-Eye Willy

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