Shaver's Claim

Fear Level 3

A small mining village high atop one of the Maze’s many islands. Situated along the former California coastline this tent city is home to the saltiest, and most temperamental, prospectors in the Maze. Like most rough and tumble cities of this nature, the only local law is a lynch mob, best be on your most cordial behavior if you’re loco enough to come for a visit.

Local Hangouts

Various small encampments dot the edges of the island, complete with their own painted ladies for scaling down to their claims. The following are the only “permanent” structures of note.

Assayer’s Office

The only solid wooden structure on the island and home of the local assayer. The wood is already rotting due to its exposure to the salty sea air and guarded at all times by two armed guards.

Eastern Port

Docks situated in the interior of the Maze at the base of the island. A sparse collection of ships can be found docked here, primarily freighters transporting fundaments, food, water, or miners looking to make it rich. A painted lady runs from the base of the docks to the Assayer’s Office three-hundred feet up to the top of the island. A large steam-powered crane next to the office hoists crates of materials from ships down below to the denizens above.

Western Port

Facing out in the Mexican-controlled Pacific Ocean this port is frequented less than its eastern counterpart. Only the saltiest of freighter captains would dare to swing their ship around to this port, most avoid losing their cargo to the Mexican Navy by docking in the Maze.

Chow Hall

What trees this island once grew had all been cut down to form the frame of this simple canvas hall. Located in the exact middle of the town the Chow Hall serves as a public house with meal times for the miners with the money to spend.

Shaver's Claim

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