• 3-foot tall
  • grayish skin
  • three-fingered, clawed hands
  • enormous heads on hunched shoulders


Bad News in Boonville

Story so far…

Finally this den of little monsters has the chance to feed in a local mine. Targeting the workers of the Ojos de Gato they began working on frightening the crews working it. The bravest men are almost always the biggest.

When one local legend, Toothless Pete stepped into the mine a week ago the pack knew it had it’s meal. They lured him to the weak section of the mine and broke the support.

Unfortunately, they didn’t account for the proximity of the Pacific Ocean. The walls weakened, buckling under the intense pressure of the ocean, flooding the chamber and drowning poor old Pete.

The little buggers needed the food, soggy as it was, and started working in shifts to shore up the flood and drain the chamber. They were almost there too when those damn heroes showed up.


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